srijeda, 24. travnja 2013.

Street Style Australia Fashion Week 2013

In this post I'm talking about fashion on the other side of the world,in Austraila.I'm absolutely enthusiastic because the colors are great.This year Spring is so so interesting.A lot of neon colors is around us,this spring.
With all these neon colors, it is impossible to not  feel great.Every photo is gorgeous and it gives us a lot of inspiration.

Everywhere we go,we see the NEON COLORS.The trend of neon colors came back with us this year.
But don't think that the trend of neon colors infected just us women, but also a men population.We can see neon colors on their combination too.Don't hesitate.Choose your neon color and go..IN ACTION :D 
(Also this Spring are popular:stripes, floral patterns, and lace)

If you love neon colors you're gonna love these photos.Enjoy :)

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  1. there's something really cool about australian street style!
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  4. OMG! they all look amazing!!! love the pink sorts jumpin'!
    kisses pretty!

  5. i love all the style. its unique and nice :3

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  6. Hi dear
    Nice streetstyle, my fav the first one

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  10. odlican post!


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  12. I would definitely like to own any of the pieces featured here! Absolutely gorgeous!:D


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  14. amazing pics!
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