ponedjeljak, 27. svibnja 2013.

Enjoy every day!

These days I am very happy.I decided I enjoy every day.It is not difficult, you just need to find something that will take a few moments to make you happy.Enable, this day to be special FOR YOU.And the next day, try to be more special than yesterday.Every day we need to do something "just for ourselves."Just for our soul.Dedicate yourself a few moments.There are many ways to do that.It's all up to us.

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subota, 18. svibnja 2013.


It's the middle of May.Just a wonderful month.But also the month in which I still need to work harder, becauseit's time for the finally exams in school.I this month call "Exam month"I feel so tired, but I think that right now I need to use the last atom of energy.Because people say that the hard work pays off.Many exams of this month so in my hands is just pencil and eraser all time.
I think this:If I give up now.I know that I will later regret it.I had a similar situation in life, but because I learned a lesson,hard work always pays off..And twice as much...

I found this qoute:
“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Until next writing. :*

Photo by Meli.Thank you <3

nedjelja, 12. svibnja 2013.

Shanghai Street Style 2013

Shanghai Street Style 2013

Today, we have a picture of "Shanghai Street Style".Lots of colors, designs and unusual combinations...Everything would gladly led us there these rainy days.When I saw the pictures, I was so excited when I saw a lot of colors.
I know you will like these photos.Enjoy :)


petak, 10. svibnja 2013.


Surely you've heard of Ahaishopping.Immediately I liked variety of things.There are various designs shirts, dresses, skirts of different colors and there are new maxi dresses-My favorite thing during the summer days.

Ahaishopping is the place where each of us can find something for himself.I'm sure.It was hard to decide what to put in my Wishlist, but in the end I decided.  
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