nedjelja, 30. lipnja 2013.

Bye bye June

This is the last post of this month.With this post we end this month June.I hope that the next one will be even better and more beautiful.In this post is  the pics that have arisen during this month.Because I love to watch these posts, I made this with joy.
Until next writing  :*

* Ovo je posljednji post ovog mjeseca.U ovom postu su slikice koje su nastale tokom ovog mjeseca.Pošto  volim gledati ovakve postove sa radošcu sam napravila i ovaj svoj.
Do sljedećeg pisanja :*

                                   Bacanje nepotrebnih školskih stvari./Throwing unnecessary school stuff
 Pripreme za kupanje./Preparing for swimming.
Još jedna slikica :) /Another picture :)
 Cvjetić na terasi./Flower on the terrace.
Višnje <33 Savršen antioksidans./Cherry <33 perfect antioxidant.

                                                              Mojih ruku djelo./By me :)
                                                                Kod frizera./The hair salon
                                                                   Krofne mm../Doughnuts mm ..
Miješani sladoled,od svega i svačega  xxx..../Mixed ice cream xxx ....

petak, 28. lipnja 2013.

MiX'n'StyLe on Bloglovin

I know,I know,maybe I'm bored with this post but we're all  talking about our "Bloglovin 'accounts these days.Well, I'm in that group now.I'll not write a lot, I just want to  say that you can  follow me on Bloglovin.There I will continue to follow your blogs.Bloglovin was very interesting and I hope it will remain so, because I was accustomed to the GFC. That's it from me. 
Until next writing :*


utorak, 25. lipnja 2013.

Lovely June combinations

These days I spend enjoying in every moment.I just want to spend time quality until September,when I'll say "Hello obligations! I started to learn how to make jewelry together with his school friends.It's wonderful when you make something with your hands.Such a good feeling.I photographed my first pair of earrings, but I show them later.And today I prepared a new combinations.I hope some of them will be an inspiration for your next post.
Enjoy, until next writing :)








Photos form:Pinterest

utorak, 18. lipnja 2013.

Ooh La La !

Ooh!What I'm doing these days?I enjoy in every moment.Finally,Summer is coming and more sunny days of course.Ahh, the sun........I  just love it, and I'm so happy when is sunny.I know, even higher temperatures are coming, I'm preparing for them,slowly.During these hot days,in the maxi skirt I'm feeling so comfortable and so nice.I just love them,and sice the mxi skirts are absolute summer hit this year,I love them even more.
There are a variety of colors and the maxi skirts can be easily combined.That's because I love them.I'm so so happy because my favorite clothing iteme is absolute hit this summer.
Until next writing. : *



srijeda, 12. lipnja 2013.

Summer with Espadrilles

This summer could not be without them.Lightweight, comfortable and an absolute hit this summer.It's Espadrilles,of course.The origin of espadrilles is in Spain.Peasants were first pretended espadrilles in the 14th century.Today, espadrilles worn by all, especially women.Espadrilles are on fashion blogs an increasingly common part of fashion combination.This season in their collections of fashion accessories espadrilles are included and many high street brands because,demand for them is really great.
You can choose between monochrome models are definitely the smartest investment or be crazy and look at a sample model that will attract views of passers.
If you do not have them in your wardrobe it's time to go shopping and choose espardrile who will speak for you.
I was thrilled with all of them.So it was so hard to decide which to put on the blog :) 

1 OR 2 ? :))