petak, 28. lipnja 2013.

MiX'n'StyLe on Bloglovin

I know,I know,maybe I'm bored with this post but we're all  talking about our "Bloglovin 'accounts these days.Well, I'm in that group now.I'll not write a lot, I just want to  say that you can  follow me on Bloglovin.There I will continue to follow your blogs.Bloglovin was very interesting and I hope it will remain so, because I was accustomed to the GFC. That's it from me. 
Until next writing :*


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  1. Hello from germany :) would you follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? if you like you can start and i'll follow you back waiting for your response <3

    Please like me on facebook
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  2. pratim i preko bloglovin ;)


  3. Thanks for your comment! I'd love to follow you, I'll follow now and you can follow back :) X

  4. I've always used Bloglovin! I like it! xoxo

  5. Hi, thanks for great comment, you have interesting blog. I am happy to follow you and wait for you. Visit me again.