ponedjeljak, 29. srpnja 2013.

Hot lazy days

Hello everybody!
I came back to my blog.Finally...These days I did so many things, so I was lazy on my blog.It's very very very hot and I don't have strength to write a long post, so you can see the combinations that I found for these hot days.Enjoy! 




1,2 or 3?

How do you endure these hot days?
Kako vi podnosite ove tople dane?


utorak, 9. srpnja 2013.

Street Style: Fall 2013 Couture

I don't say anything.Just enjoy in these beautiful,inspiring photos from Paris :) 
Wonderful inspiration for all of you,from the "city of love" :)

Photographed by Phil Oh

subota, 6. srpnja 2013.

Catch my breath

You know those days when you're working hard,so you need a night and a half  Saturday to catch up all that.So that's looked my workweek.But there is something good in all this.he good thing is that this outfit was made somewhere in the beginning of the week so I'm quite happy with the pictures.A similar situation will be in  next week, and then I'll finish my practice and I can relax again.
Enjoy :)

četvrtak, 4. srpnja 2013.


New Collection Fall 2013 by Elie Saab.I do not need that much to talk about, a picture says more than a thousand words.I leave you the wonderful photographs of the new autumn 2013 which we're delighted by our Elie Saab.
Enjoy ladies: *