subota, 6. srpnja 2013.

Catch my breath

You know those days when you're working hard,so you need a night and a half  Saturday to catch up all that.So that's looked my workweek.But there is something good in all this.he good thing is that this outfit was made somewhere in the beginning of the week so I'm quite happy with the pictures.A similar situation will be in  next week, and then I'll finish my practice and I can relax again.
Enjoy :)

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  1. Ta majica mi se baš sviđa! <3

  2. lijepe slike :)

  3. You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style! I love him! :)

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  4. Bluza je predivna!!
    Bas divno leprsava!! :)

  5. Beautiful! I think that this is one of the best posts you’ve ever published. Keep going! ;)